This bar is made in collaboration with Terre de Sienne Chocolate Company.


This bar is made in collaboration with Terre de Sienne Chocolate Company. We are huge fans of salted caramel chocolate. There is no better flavour in our opinion, so there was no hesitation when they asked us what flavour bar we would like to create!
Our chocolate bar wrappers were created based on how much we both love Brighton. We were born and raised in Worthing and as children it was always a treat to have a day out in Brighton visiting the pier and the lovely seafront!


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All our beans are Organic and from Transparent Trade.

This 35% cocoa milk chocolate is made with cocoa beans from Cahabon, Guatemala, and sprinkled with housemade caramelised cocoa nibs.


  • Product Info

    70g chocolate bar each

    Vegetarian, Soya Free

    Contains dairy. May contain traces of Nuts


To learn more about the chocolate making process follow Terre de Sienne on social media or visit her blog: 



Milk Chocolate Caramelised Cocoa Nibs - One bar