• Karly Charrington

The David Bowie Masterpiece

We thought we’d write a little post about what, when, why, and how we created our David Bowie masterpiece.

All you really need to know is… he’s fantastic!

It was me and Stel who initially contacted Sophie to ask her if she was interested in doing an art collaboration with us. She immediately jumped at the chance of course!! ;-)

We knew it would work from the get go, because Sophie’s work is so colourful and cheerful, and we love the multi-coloured drip effect that she uses in her work.

Cool, isn’t it!?

The entire process of creating Bowie was a pretty smooth journey from start to finish.

Instead of working on the piece all at the same time, we decided to work on it one after the other, by passing it from Stel, to me, to Sophie.

We all have very different talents when it comes to art, and we wanted to use those skills to create the best work we possibly could.

Starting with Stel, who drew the initial illustration of Bowie, which I must say was spot on! That drawing was the spit of Bowie, so me and Sophie were pretty pleased when Stel revealed her work to us.

He was then handed over to me, and as soon as I saw the drawing, I knew what I was going to do.

Being the amazingly eccentric man that he was, my immediate thought was BRIGHT COLOURS! Really bright colours! He wasn’t scared of a bit of colour, so neither are we! So, I got to work.

I decided to work on Stel’s illustration digitally, adding flat colour to his face, lips and hair. I used a very bright yellow for his face, and bright red for his lips. I wanted his features to stand out and to almost have a pop art feel to him.

After spending quite a few days mulling over my bright colour choices, I finally made the decision that I was happy with how far I had taken the piece and that it was now time to hand him over to Sophie, to work her magic on him!

And she sure did that!!

We decided to do a little interview on Sophie to get the low down on how she took the piece from unfinished, to a cutting edge, striking piece of art!

The Sophie Interview…

What mediums did you use and where abouts? 

"To add the finish touches, I used a combination of acrylic paint, posca pens, gold leaf and diamond dust. The posca, gold leaf and diamond dust embellished the hair. I used acrylic paint to touch up the eye detail and to create the drips under the eyes. I then used posca pens to outline the drips, to define them and make them stand out."

What was your thought process when creating the piece, in terms of deciding what materials to use and where to apply them?

"When it came to making that decision, there had already been talk between me and the girls about maybe using diamond dust, and my go-to medium is acrylic, so that happened naturally. Then, to fit in with the strong outlines, I used the posca pens to continue outlining the parts I had painted."

How did you pre-plan the way you were going to hand embellish him?

"I got the girls to send me the original file, so I could print off some small prep pieces to get an idea of the stamp I would be putting on the girls already incredible work."

How did the draft version go?

"I will be honest, I spent two or three occasions staring at the piece, not having the foggiest idea of what I should do to Bowie. But after a nights sleep and a fresh start to the day, it all came naturally and I knew exactly what I wanted to do." 

What did you first think when you saw mine and Stel’s work on it?

"I fell in love with it and my first thought was 'AHH I hope I can do it justice because it’s so brilliant'."

In what ways was creating this Bowie piece different to the way you create your own work? 

"My usual start to a piece of artwork is to just grab a paint brush and go, but that wasn’t really an option for this as it’s a collaboration, so some of the piece had already been created. I really had to think about what I wanted to do to it. I am also not a portrait artist, so when it came to embellishing one of the most recognised faces of all time, the pressure was on."

When it came to the three of us picking Bowie up from the framers together, how did you feel about us seeing the work you had done on him?

"As I had already sent pictures of the finished piece to the girls, and got a positive reception from them, I wasn’t overly nervous. However, when it came to framing it, there were so many options and I had to trust the advice I was given by Niche (the framing shop). I am glad I went with Niche’s advice, as the finished look is simply amazing." 

In conclusion, I think you can all tell that we are pretty ecstatic with the final outcome of our collaboration. We have created a large statement piece of art that will light up a room in anyones home and we can't wait to see who gets their hands on him!

The release date is Friday 27th July, so keep your eyes peeled!

We will be producing 3 one-off original pieces of Bowie, all hand embellished slightly differently, making each one unique in it's own way. As well as 3 originals, we

will also be doing a limited edition of 50 prints. Once they're gone, they're gone!

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