• Karly Charrington

10 Table Settings Good Enough To Eat Your Dinner Off!

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

To hold a dinner party was one of the driving forces for me to get my own home. To be able to dress a table in your own style, be surrounded by awesome friends and yummy food, what more could a girl want? For some chic ideas please do read on!


Pastel colours fill my house and my wardrobe! They can be found on my pink car and were obviously present at my wedding. Pastel colours bring a smile to my face and evoke a strong feeling of a sunny, spring day. The other day, I was shopping in Zara and my eyes steered me straight to a powdery, baby pink table setting, with gold lined crockery and cutlery and sparkling crystal ware. Fit for a queen or a spot of afternoon tea, this look is to die for.


“I love GOLD. Gold, always believe in your soul” Sorry, couldn’t resist. Gold is everywhere at the moment and is gorgeous in either a metallic or a brushed effect. Matched with a low golden candelabra, this metal can definitely bring in some sophistication to any dinner party. Made have a fabulous matt effect 16 piece set up for grabs.


Sorry if I'm about to give you yawn-filled flashbacks to childhood geometry classes, but Geometric patterns and shapes are so in! Next have a stunning set of pristine, white hexagon shaped crockery, glassware and placemats (in gold might I add). Although these plates may give you hexagon eyes if you stare at them too long, this set is simply tantalising.

Art Deco

Starburst is the name of Biba’s dinnerware range (not the sugar filled chewy confectionary!) and oozes decadence. Metallic gold, white porcelain and a pattern that resembles the top of the Chrysler building, are all elements of this dinnerware set, complete with a gold Chrysler shaped topped teapot.

To complete the look (and if you like the reassurance of a stocked drinks stash being nearby) this Great Gatsby inspired cabinet will finish off your table top with some added surprise and glamour.


This Hampton 12 - piece set arouses images of padding down the stairs of a Hampton beach house, dressed in classic blue striped PJ’s, with a striped Hampton mug in hand, heading out into the salty air, sand under your feet. Take me there!

Paired with these blue striped placemats from Zara Home, your table top will be as fresh as spring, perfect for an avocado brunch and a glass of fizz.


If I had my way, my house would be coated head to toe in white marble, topped off with me swanning around in a marble bikini! White marble will give a clean, contemporary edge to anyone’s casa. This placemat set of two from House of Fraser can certainly bring the ancient stone to your table top.


Homes all over, are transforming from quaint English adobes, to full on tropical paradises. Lush greens, bold yellows, pretty pinks and reds, all sit perfectly together, working especially well with golds and blacks. Marks and Spencer have this 4 pack of dinner plates available, finished with banana leaves and various sumptuous green palms.


Zara Home pastels on acid, Yvonne Ellen’s collection in John Lewis is raucous! Giraffes, Cheetahs and Elephants, oh my! Her range is like nothing I’ve ever seen on a table setting and this is definitely pushing the boundaries of the conventional eating ware.


Black Goth food is the latest Instagram trend on our plates, with delicacies such as black burger buns and black ice cream; however, it doesn’t stop there. Black has even spread to our cutlery! Habitat has a sultry 16 - piece cutlery set that definitely screams “Black is the new Black”


The John Lewis pearl balloon wine goblets are not only ballooned like a bubble, they are mouth blown by artisans, with an added bonus of feeling like a Harry Potter extra, drinking out of a goblet!