• Karly Charrington

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall, What Are The Five Fairest Mirrors Of Them All?

Whether you always pose and lip sync at your reflection or you avoid your reflection like the plague, mirrors are an essential item for bedrooms and bathrooms, but can also give the illusion of more space and light when added to a room. Here are my top five mirrors for all your lengthy preening sessions.

On a recent visit to the newly opened Brighton Ivy, I fell in love with the interiors and was close to hiding away at closing time so I could just live there. If you haven’t yet experienced the Brighton Ivy, please do have a read of my food blog to see if it takes your fancy.

Something that really caught my eye, were the large arch window mirrors they had, which mirrored the large arched original windows of the converted old post office. If you are as mesmerised by the Ivy interiors as I am and want to create your own mini, exclusive, high end restaurant, Marks and Spencer have this large arch window mirror in a black metal frame. Pair it with gold, atrium style lighting, palm print and bold velvets, and you are ready to go!

French style interiors are always so shapely, luxurious and grand to me and so is this Elizabeth standing mirror from Perch & Parrow. In the soft, neutral shade of cream with its intricate carvings, this mirror will have you feeling like a right regal mademoiselle.

As if this mirror wasn’t made to be within this blog post, it literally has ‘Fairest of them all’ emblazoned on it! Urban Outfitters never lets me down and their mirror selection is to die for They have three hanging mirrors each with different quotes. As I am often told I wear rose-tinted glasses and am like a magpie to anything rose-gold, their pink, shell shaped hanging mirror was one I was always going to be drawn to.

Every make up loving girl needs a dressing table and mirror, and whilst you’re doing your make up, why would you not want to feel like you’re in a tropical paradise, minus the face melting, heat? Debenhams have this vibrant dressing table mirror decorated with flora and fauna, including brightly coloured parrots either side. The piece by Matthew Williamson also has other matching items within the range, including trinket boxes and wall art.

Looking like a shiny, gold, chunky bangle, this round brushed brass framed mirror from Made is highly glamorous and the depth of the frame adds lots of impact! The circle is as Pocahontas once wisely sang, 'a hoop that never ends', and the simple shapes within interiors also never end!

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