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Meet the Twin Artists

Welcome to Our Blog!

We’ve been meaning to start one of these for years, but we’ve been too busy creating artwork (we’re using that as our excuse). We thought we'd begin our blog by giving you a little insight into who we are and what we do. However, we will be delving deeper into our story in future posts!

We are Stella and Gem, identical twin artists from Worthing. We create striking artwork for contemporary homes. We’ve been working together for about 5 years after impulsively quitting our full time jobs to become professional artists.

Stella (The Ink Genius)

Throughout my childhood, teenage years and twenties it was a huge hobby of mine to sit in cafe’s and draw my surroundings and the people around me. I worked exclusively in black pen and never had any interest in using colour.

I studied Illustration at Northbrook University and continued to pursue drawing as a hobby for many years before Two Faced Twins was born.

Gem (The Colour Queen)

I studied Fashion and Textiles at Northbrook, learning about colour, fabrics and digital design. I loved every minute of it and became obsessed with using my photography skills to create mad, eccentric imagery for clothing and interior design. (Now I use Stella's drawings to do this!)

I lived in China for a year in my twenties and photographed the amazing scenery and architecture. Not long after that, Two Faced Twins began...

Creating the Artwork

Working as a team on each piece, Stella produces the black and white illustrations in a sketchbook and Gem works on the colours digitally. We would describe our artwork as bright, colourful and bold. It’s very striking and it makes a huge impact on a wall in a home. Our aim is to boost peoples moods with our vibrant, cheerful illustrations, as well as making art accessible to everyone.

Each artwork is part of a limited edition run and each piece comes in a variety of sizes. This makes it so simple for our clients to measure up the space in their homes and choose a size accordingly. We even provide bespoke sizes if necessary.

We provide framed and unframed options to make it easy. (We know what it’s like when you buy a print and it ends up sitting in the packaging for months before you get around to framing it!)

Homeware range

Beyond our artwork we have a beautiful homeware and giftware range. These include things like glass coasters, chopping boards, cushions, tea towels, placemats, clocks and lots more. We are in the process of expanding our range, so look out for new products coming soon!

Two Faced Twins Art Gallery

Our spacious, contemporary art gallery is situated on Worthing seafront. We take pride in making our gallery a friendly, welcoming place for people to come and visit, where you can browse all of our art and homeware. There is a lovely community feel to the area, as the gallery is nestled between The Camps Coffee Bean and their Doughnut and Ice Cream van. Imagine the temptation…

The artwork is available to purchase either from our website or you can place your order directly from our gallery.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed this little insight into who we are. Please leave any comments, suggestions or questions below and we will make sure to answer them :-)

Until next time,

Stella and Gem x

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