• Karly Charrington

How to Create Your Dream Minimalist Bedroom

How many times has a chair or an exercise bike become a dumping ground for clothes? Have you had those last minute panic moments looking for that second shoe? This is not how we, strong independent women/men should be starting the day, now is it? If you're ready to get your sh*t together and finally have a manageable and stylish bedroom space, please follow these simple steps.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Although minimalism focuses on purging a large bulk of things that we don't love, want or need, we are always going to need space and storage for all of our favourite and practical things. Personally, I have a two door wardrobe with two drawers, chest of three drawers and a bedside cabinet with two drawers. This amount of storage means socks and bras aren't pinging out of drawers and there is just enough space for essential items. Habitat has this sleek, contemporary set in a neutral white with warm ash wood finishes. They have a full set which consists of a wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside unit and an all ash, wood, bed frame.


Hopefully you are already blessed with gorgeous glossy hardwood flooring, or a plush thick shag of neutral coloured carpet, but either way, a rug can add comfort, pattern or warmth to the minimalist bedroom. This tribal patterned, diamond, Kelim rug from Debenhams will add something soft under foot, but also adds culture and interest to the room.

Wall Coverings

A minimalist room is ordinarily white, and this causes the light to bounce around the room, making the room feel larger. However, you can add character to a solitary wall by painting it all in a neutral or earthy tone or creating an abstract design, such as ombre. Statement pieces of art will also add an element of your personality and colour to the room. Stanley here, by Two Faced Twins, would make a welcome chum and would add impact, colour and character to a minimalistic bedroom.

Window Treatment

Bright white, airy and light, all comes to mind when picturing a minimalist bedroom. These voile panel curtains from John Lewis are sheer so let the flattering (we all need a bit of flattering first thing in the morning!) morning light shine through to wake you up naturally, ready for a fresh start. Coming in cream, steel and natural, these will bring warmth to the classic, stark, white minimal walls. The subtle woven design will also add texture to a blank canvas of a room.


Black wires, exposed bulbs, neutral coloured angular lamp shades and black, metal frames are popular, minimalist lighting styles. This dark grey and oak topped bedside lamp will be the perfect aid with those 'middle of the night reads' of your favourite novel.


Minimalist bedding can be found in neutral shades and are mainly white, so a quality Egyptian cotton set would create luxury and a clean, crisp freshness. Please see our recent blog post ‘5 Styles To Make Your Bed Rock’ for more ideas on duvet covers.

White crisp sheets paired with this Grainger and Jameson chunky knit blanket in a blush pink, means additional subtle colour and texture can be added, complementing the pink within my suggested wall art. This nana’s jumper style, chunky knit blanket is just waiting for someone to roll up in it, like a human-sized hot dog.

Laundry Basket

This is a less thought about piece when it comes to interior design, but the laundry basket is an essential item for the bedroom. To avoid those classic floor-drobes, a laundry basket being available means you fling dirty clothes in, as soon as you rip them off, without a second thought. This rustic, water hyacinth laundry basket and its natural coloured weave, ties into the weave of the curtain. The knitted blanket and the natural brown fits the wood finishes of the furniture and the bedside lamp. On other matters, if there are any secret snake charmers out there, this would make a great snake basket?!

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