• Karly Charrington

Fancy Adding Some Glamour To Your home? Treat Yourself To One Of These Four Window Dressings!

Curtains are not only for privacy; when you have those mad, naked dash moments around the house, or keeping the light out when you crash out (probably earlier than the socially excepted bedtime). They are also great for tying in the look of a room using colour and texture. Here are a few that you won't be able to resist:

Velvet Curtains

I adore the plush velvets currently popping up here and there within interiors. Don't ask me why, but there is something extra luxurious about it being crushed velvet. These crushed velvet Next curtains look fabulous in Grey. Mauve, not so much in my opinion. The mauve looks a tad too 80's pimp for me. However, the neutral grey curtain is suave and sophisticated and with extra length being added to a standard size window, this could really add some height to a room too!

To add even more glamour and shimmer; take a look at these curtains from House Of Fraser that look like they are made out of Kylie Minogue's discarded gold hot pants!

Ombre Curtains

Ombre in interior design gives real impact, not unlike when I opted for the popular Ombre hairstyle, with the intended natural blonde coming out more of an orange. This fresh, blue John Lewis panel could be used to dress up a plain blind and the blue would certainly suit an airy bedroom. Beachy California vibes can be had, just by peeking out of your English two bed semi!

Tassel Curtains

You may have thought fancy, heavy window treatments with tassels and ruffles are a thing of the past, but tassels have made a comeback. Tassels can be found in interiors again, but also hanging from mine and many other girls’ ears! Anthropologie have these gorgeous sheer curtains in mustard, black or grey with tassels lining each side. They are the definition of a mischievous cats dream!

Floral Curtains

Sexing up the twee, old granny floral pattern, this pair of curtains from Rocket St George are rich and deep in the black velvet. These curtains in a lounge or bedroom would definitely add a sultry atmosphere.

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