• Karly Charrington

5 Styles To Make Your Bed Rock

Is there any other place in the home as amazing as a warm, snuggly bed? I don't think so. A bed is the epitome of comfort and is the place I just can't wait to get to after a hard days work, actually, after any day! Something that makes a bed a haven is crisp, fresh sheets and soft fabrics. Here are a few that totally rock.

Pom Poms

“Shake it like a pompom, like a pompom” and in the words of our beloved Missy Elliott, I would indeed like to shake it like a pompom! I adore the pompom craze! Having recently purchased a ruffle Bardot top with multicolour pompoms on the trim, I am fully on board with the Hispanic vibes. As if these blankets from Rocket St George don’t rock? It’s got ‘Rock’ in the shops flipping name!

Soft cotton blankets with oversized pompoms lining the top and bottom trim, coming in mustard, with a luxurious gold stripe or just a simple white will give the perfect look, strewn across any bed.

The 'Just Got Out Of Bed' Look

If you are like me and barely have enough time to make your bed because you're scrambling around for appropriate clothing each morning, let alone ironing and pressing your bed linen, as my Nana always did, this set is definitely the one for you! Coming in white, the detail being in the finish with a twist of fabric in the centre of the duvet cover and each pillow case, I think this Nu Twist set would give off a really chilled-out aura. You can leave your home in the morning feeling like a ‘gives-no-shits’ rock star, after trashing a hotel room (maybe a slightly extreme comparison) all for half the price.

Toile du Jouy

Squirrelled away in one of my bedroom drawers in my mum’s house, was a neatly folded Marks and Spencer Toile patterned duvet set, with matching scatter cushions. It was kept in anticipation for my eventual move into my own home, which was to be years away. I just had to buy it when I saw it,as the pattern on it gave me thoughts of cosy French cottages. At the time, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find other things quite like it again, but the timeless print is still going strong, with John Lewis giving it an eastern twist with cute elephants and palm trees. You’ll also be happy to know that according to Feng Shui, blue is the best colour for a bedroom, due to its calming and cool nature, as sleep is optimum in cool temperatures.

Novelty Print

Peaches, fried eggs, sausage dogs, boobs and atriums are all the different types of printed bedding you can get from Urban Outfitters. I love the cheekiness of it! I myself, have cactus print bedding in my spare bedroom. A cactus print or the atrium print goes well with bold pinks and blues or bright Mexicana pattern prints.

Another way of adding bold colour to a room is with a piece of art by Two Faced Twins. Not only is their work eye catching and colourful, you can have the bespoke touch of having your beloved pooch or pet transformed into a print. I’m sure my Boston terrier, Winston, would look amazing as retro Pop Art. (Hint, hint, to the Twins!)

Egyptian cotton

Something my mum swears by is pure Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers in classic white. She has said on numerous occasions “If it’s good enough for five star hotels, it’s good enough for me!” and I agree! Marks and Spencer have this 400 thread count set (slightly softer than the 230 thread count) that is sure to have you feeling like a glamorous A-lister, even if you are only wearing your baggy, egg stained and mismatched pjs!