Bespoke Service


Reflect your own style and personality on the walls of your home by choosing our Bespoke Service. Let us create something truly spectacular and unique just for you.

Our bespoke works are very special, luxury pieces of artwork that come with a Certificate of Authenticity to certify that they are one-off, original pieces of artwork that will never be produced again.


Our prices start from £800 and up depending on the detail, the amount of colour and the size of the piece. The lower end of the pricing tends to be a simple illustration and the price increases as we add more detail, colour and hand embellishment to the piece. The top end of our pricing includes a large, extremely detailed illustration in full colour, hand embellished with a mixture of medias and professionally framed in special, non reflective glass to make the artwork pop. The piece is then beautifully gift wrapped and ready to hang.

Email to enquire.