Twin YouTubers? Twin sandwich makers? Twin jugglers? Twin pancakes sellers? The twins spent years trying to think of ways they could work together. One evening, after a long conversation about 'life' it suddenly clicked. TWIN ARTISTS! It made perfect sense.


From that day forwards they have been on a three year rollercoaster. Before even trying to create a piece of artwork together, they quit their full time jobs and started working on their new found ambition as an artist duo the very next day. With that, Two Faced Twins was born.

From the age of three, Stella spent most of her time drawing cartoons of horrifically violent scenes with blood, guts and gore. She grew up wanting to become a cartoonist and would spend hours in their local cafe, sneakily drawing people queuing for their coffee's. Eventually, she went on to study Illustration at Northbrook University. Gem attended Northbrook that same year as Stella and studied Textile Design. Striking colour, eclectic pattern and eccentric imagery was her forte.


They are both artists in their own right but in very different ways. Because of these extreme differences between them, it took the twins an entire year to create a joint piece of artwork that they both deemed acceptable. Gem used to force herself to try and create artwork like Stella did - detailed illustrations using fine liner pens. But there was one minor problem... Gem can't draw. Once they had come to terms with that small dilemma everything fell into place. Stella now creates the initial detailed illustrations in black and white. Gem then takes over as lead designer and works on them digitally, manipulating them, adding colour and pattern. 

As twins, they would be unable to work without the other. Stella has never been able to work with colour, and seeing as Gem can't draw to save her life, their opposing artistic skills mean they fit together like a jigsaw. The perfect team.