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From the age of three, Stella spent most of her time drawing cartoons of horrifically violent scenes with blood, guts and gore. She grew up wanting to become a cartoonist and would spend hours in their local cafe, sneakily drawing people queuing for their coffee's. Eventually, she went on to study Illustration at Northbrook University. Gem attended Northbrook that same year as Stella and studied Art and Textile Design. Striking colour, eclectic pattern and eccentric imagery is her forte.

On the evening of March 1st 2017, Two Faced Twins was born. After walking home from work and having an epiphany about life, the twins randomly questioned why on earth they had never considered creating artwork as a pair?

Before even trying to create a piece of art together, they quit their full time jobs and started working on their new found ambition to become an artist duo the very next day.


'We're going to be International!' They naively thought they would be famous artists overnight. But what followed instead was two years of being completely skint and trying to figure out their combined art style.

Gem spent months forcing herself to try and create artwork in the same way that Stella did - detailed illustrations using fine liner pens. But there was one minor problem... Gem couldn't draw.  

Once they had come to terms with that small dilemma, everything fell into place and they finally found a winning formula: Stella would draw and Gem would handle digital design and colours, transforming each illustration into an interior design piece. 

As twins, they would be unable to work without the other. Their opposing artistic skills mean they fit together like a jigsaw. The perfect team.  

Three years on and Two Faced Twins now have their very own art gallery on Worthing seafront, showcasing their large contemporary artworks that are incredibly popular across their home town and surrounding areas. With an impressive homeware range and showcasing their art in multiple galleries around the UK, maybe their goal of being international doesn't seem so silly anymore...


"I am Stella, illustrator and Ink Genius of Two Faced Twins. I use fine liner pens to create our detailed illustrations. My main inspirations are street scenery and architecture, especially Art Deco. I love to capture the atmosphere in my line drawings.


My typical day is sitting in a coffee shop drinking hot chocolate, headphones in, a pen in my hand and a stack of sketchbooks next to me as I'm scribbling away!"


"I'm Gemma, Colour Queen of Two Faced Twins. I work on the colour and digital manipulation, transforming each illustration into a striking interior design piece for the modern, contemporary home.


You'll usually find me in our office, transfixed to the computer screen adding colour to our artwork, or in the studio sampling colours for upcoming artwork."

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